Braving Babylon 5

"And All My Deams, Torn Asunder" - Season 5, Episode 16

Depressing, fatalistic, horrifyingly relevant, and I loved every minute!

"Tell all your agents never to confess. If they're confronted with a photo of themselves with a soviet contact or a German contact, it's a fake. If they confront you with a report in your own handwriting, it's a forgery. Just deny everything." - Kim Philby, cold war double-agent for the Soviet Union.

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Many thanks as always to Phil Steere for the podcast logo, and to everyone downloading the podcast and giving me a listen, much appreciated.

Huge thanks to listener Steve Evans for his big contribution to the show.

I've really been enjoying "Swindled" lately, a podcast about white collar crime, fraudsters, hucksters etc. Give it a go:

A rare gem - an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that's super smart, super funny but not over the top and has a terrific story, I recommend "Not Another D&D Podcast" -

All music in the podcast is by Dexter Britain, who kindly makes his work freely available. Go visit him at

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