Braving Babylon 5

"Epiphanies" - Season 4, Episode 7

There's already trouble in this newly minted paradise, as the galactic focus turns inwards and cracks begin to show in our gang.

Here's Sami's link to the info about the DVD transfer problems

The show picture today is listener Gayle's friend "G'Quan" meeting Andreas Katsulas while wearing a Narn puppy t-shirt! See previous podcast for details of this curious convention meet-up!

Gayle also provides the excellent song at the end of the podcast. Again, see last episode for details. She's keen to point out her limitations as a singer but I think she's being too modest, and it's all really rather fun!

The email address for the show is and you can find me on Twitter at @bravingb5

Many thanks as always to Phil Steere for the podcast logo, and to everyone downloading the podcast and giving me a listen, much appreciated.

Huge thanks to listener Steve Evans for his big contribution to the show.

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The Columbo podcast you have been waiting for has arrived -

All music in the podcast is by Dexter Britain, who kindly makes his work freely available. Go visit him at

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